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Gilinnovation Healthcare Accelerator  

About Gilinnovations


Gilinnovations  is a venture company with an established track record of taking medical device startups from concept to successful exits.

We partner with startups and help them build their companies quickly and efficiently.

 Gilinnovations is a Healthcare Accelerator that bridges the gap between innovative life science research and successful development of high-impact biomedical products.

 Our integrated approach combines essential funding with development and business expertise, leading to commercial partnerships that bring forth new biomedical discoveries that create value and benefit society.

 We are excited to work together to attract international and local, large companies, small companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and future employees, to come together to advance healthcare innovations.

 We are proud to join with INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS to attract more startups to Gilinnovations while also doing a better job of connecting these firms to local and global corporations who are looking for innovations to increase their competitiveness.

 Gilinnovations Accelerator team will evaluate a large number of startups, which will then be vetted down to cohorts of at least 10 companies every year. 

The accelerator will produce several events such us courses, industry expert lectures, knowledge sharing, and networking events  for entrepreneurs and investors.

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