The accelerator is providing the following services:

US Presence

1. Setting up legal US entity

  • State & Federal registration

  • Tax – state & federal

  • Other authorities

  • Banking

  • Accounting

  • Legal

2. Physical presence

  • Identifying location

  • b. Assistance with Real Estate process

FDA & Regulatory Bodies

1. Regulation strategy

2. Provide routine communication with
      regulatory bodies

3. Represent company in front of regulators

Clinical Trials

1. Recruiting PI and medical centers

2. Handling IRB process in hospitals

     (potentially with WCG)

3. Handling contracts with hospitals

4. Hiring support team for clinical trials

5. Providing on-site managerial support

Sales & Marketing

1.Building & designing market penetration


2. Identifying and approaching KOLs

3. Making initial contacts with potential

     beta sites

4. Creating marketing and sales plans for the

      US market

5. Making initial contacts and sales with

     first sites

6. Providing on site presence and support

     for initial sales

7. Hiring first employees in the US and

     managing them (acting as a manager

     for the company)

8. Identifying distributors and structuring

     distribution deals

9. Preparing materials such as manuals,

     guides, pamphlets, training materials,


Fund Raising

1. Preparing company to be presented to

     relevant potential investors in the US

2. Guiding company with creation of effective

     presentation and supporting materials


In the US

    1.  Israeli innovation for US students

  • Guest lectures

  • One day workshop

     2.  Israeli innovation & Mini Accelerator

  • One-week course

In Israel

     1. Israeli innovation for US students

  • One week course & tour

     2. Israeli Innovation & Mini Accelerator

  • Two week course & tour

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